My Favorite Baby Items

Published February 5, 2012 by mylifewiththems

Moms love to give advice. A friend, who is a soon-to-be first time mom asked on Facebook what were the must have items for her baby registry and she received over 100 responses. And of course I was one of them.

With so many items on the market, it can be overwhelming for a first time mom. Here are some of my favorite top baby items.

#1 Peg Perego Prima Pappa High Chair

This is one item to splurge on. I purchased the Peg Perego Prima Pappa High Chair and it has had many hours of use. It has a double tray which is one of it’s best features. You can easily remove the top tray to clean it and when you’re in a rush, you have a 2nd tray for use later. It also has an adjustable backrest, pouch in back for bibs and is stain-resistant. And when I say stain-resistant, it literally looks brand new, 2.5 years later.

#2 Bumbo Seat

This is probably one of the most brilliant inventions and another item that has had hundred of hours of use in my house. You can use the bumbo seat when your baby is about 3 months old or is able to hold his/her head up. We still use this for Matty who is 9-months old. We started using this at dinner time so that our baby would feel included. I now use this as a high chair when Maya insists on using hers. You can also purchase a removable tray that allows for easy feeding.

I do suggest purchasing a neutral color so it can be used for your next child. See pink use below. :)

#3 Pack ‘N Play

This was of my mom & grandma’s favorite items. I barely used the bassinet portion, see #4 for suggestions for that. I also rarely use it to put the kids in to play. I mainly use this item for traveling to grandma’s house or road trips. I’ve also used the Pack ‘N Play to store toys.  It folds down very easily. Again, always buy a neutral color.

#4 The First Years Close and Secure Baby Sleeper

The First Year Close and Secure Baby sleeper won’t get a ton of use but it sure helps the first 2-3 months of your baby’s life. I’m a believer in early co-sleeping and both of my kids didn’t like the  bassinet. This item can be used right in your bed and provides quick and easy access to your baby. Matty also slept in the secure baby sleeper on the couch when napping.

I really loved this item and believe it helped Matty become a great sleeper.

#5 Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen

We have tried about 5 different video baby monitors and this is by far the best. The screen is awesome and Mitch’s favorite part is that there is no static noise. The Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen features a color LCD screen, portable, zoom, two-way communication and more. We absolutely love ours and use it every day. If you’re looking at monitors, I suggest using video, you’ll be surprised at how much you will want to see your baby and what he/she is doing. Plus, when they get older, you can watch them more closely and even speak into the monitor and tell them to get back to bed.

#6 Gerber Graduates BPA Free 2 Pack Fun Grips spill Proof Cup, 10 Ounce

I think I’ve tried about every sippy cup known to man. I’ve tried expensive ones, decorative ones, ones with straws, etc. The Gerber Graduates Fun Grips is by the best. It is truly spill proof and lasts a long time. Don’t mess with any of the sippy cups with straws! They always leak and I’ve had one that grew mold on it.

#7 Fisher Price Baby Bouncer

I don’t prefer a specific brand over another but this is a must have item. You’ll probably only use this for a few months but it is a lifesaver when trying to take a shower, cook or do anything while trying to keep your baby occupied.

Let me know what baby items you love and couldn’t live without.

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2 comments on “My Favorite Baby Items

  • what a great post! Kelsey never fit in the Bumbo – go figure – but we loved the Boppy Pillow and “This Little Piggy” cotton burp clothes, which I just found went out of business. One more thing I couldn’t live without was my nursery playlist. Having soothing tunes around the house was a must. xo

  • My baby is now 10 so I can’t speak to what the must-have items are, but I will tell you no mtaetr what you register for, buy or receive as gifts, you will have too many of some things, not enough of others. Some will be life savers, others will be useless. It happens to everyone. Don’t sweat it. Register for what you want and figure out the rest along the way. It’s what parenting is all about!

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